O r g a n i s t


Cyril Deaconoff is one of the 7 organists selected from all over the world to perform at the 14th Cesar Franck International Competition and Masterclass in Haarlem, Netherlands in 2013, and the only American organist to be given such an honor. Among Dr. Deaconoff’s organ teachers are Robert Gurney and Jonathan Dimmock. For several years Cyril Deaconoff presided at the historic Johnson organ at St. John’s Presbyterian Church in San Francisco where he organized concert series to celebrate the instrument’s 140th Anniversary. While organist at First Presbyterian Church in Oakland presiding over Rosales Organ Opus 16, Cyril received a grant to commission UC Berkeley composer John MacCallum to write a new work for Rosales organ and electronics. An article on the premiere of that work, Synchronism, was published in The American Organist in February of 2016.


At the E. M. Skinner console at the Palace of the Legion of Honor in San Francisco, practicing before a recital.