These media composition examples have been created for the Technology and Applied Composition Program at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. 

Below left: Soundtrack for Crouching Tiger, action scene. Dialogue and sound design were intentionally muted for this cue.                                                                                                                       Below right: Sound track (sound design ) for a video game Portal, developed by Valve, as it was presented at SFCM


On the left: composer and sound designer Cyril Deaconoff at Lucas Films, California with Skywalker Sound Grammy Award-winning staff at the recording session of his soundtrack for SFFilm project

Below left: Dreams of Moria, LOTR-inspired soundtrack and images

Below right: Music for Pepsi commercial

At the bottom right: Sound design for animation. The sound track for this short film has only sound design and background sounds, no music

At the bottom left: music for this cartoon was created in the style of Disney/Tex Avery/Warner Bros cartoon orchestral sound design.